It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since my last post, which is apparently normal for me, haha. It has been a really busy year for me, I’ve updated the PixelBlended Studios website and created another website specifically for AviSynth scripts. A big focus of my year has been developing tutorials and AviSynth scripts to help out other editors that aren’t as technologically savvy to make handling footage easier for them. Since there are so many guides out there that explain things thoroughly, I’ve tried to make my tutorials as basic as possible so that they can be used as a simple reference. The purpose of this is so that those using them do not have to search through paragraphs of information every time they forget one detail. My main goal is to simplify the technical aspect so that users can easily understand how to better handle their footage and maintain quality so that their videos can look the best they possibly can.

My AMV development this year has been quite fruitful as well and I was very happy to finally win at Sakura-Con. A couple of the videos I worked on this year were similar to previous projects, and the main idea behind that was to revisit old projects with my current skills. The main goal behind those projects was to see how much better I have become as an editor without simply remaking the old videos, but rather making something new. I hope to continue improving my editing and also maintain the concept quality that has made other enjoy my videos over the past few years.


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