As the World Turns

Wow, My life has been crazy since the last time I posted something, I completed my last semester of school, attended two anime conventions, and moved to South Carolina.  There were both great moments and ones that weren’t so great as well.  It kinda sucked to have my entry lost by Animazment AMV staff, completely preventing me from having the opportunity to possibly win comedy for a third year in a row.  I also got the chance to compete at some conventions I had not sent videos to or had not made finals at before.  Winning at Anime Next, Seishun-con, and ConnectiCon was an honor.  Making finals at Anime Expo and having two entries in comedy make finals was also really awesome, although neither were as strong joke wise compared to the winner of comedy.  Otakon this year was really fun and having a chance to hang out with so many editors was fun, but the stress from the entire month of July, with the move and other things going on, led to me getting sick right before and during the convention.  I was a bit disappointed at the sheer amount of non-anime content used for both videos in the contest and for Iron Editor as well, but I’m apparently in the minority when it comes to this matter so I won’t really go on about why I see that as a problem.  It was nice to win 1st in comedy again and that puts the pressure on me to try for a 3rd win in a row next year.  Another really awesome thing about Otakon this year was to see PixelBlended Studios take two 1st in category, three 2nd in category, and the win for Iron Editor.  It was also awesome to see all my friends that I got to know over Skype do well at the contest too.  Now that I’m recovered from this hectic summer, I hope to make it out to AWA so that I can hang out again with my fellow studio members and other awesome editors.  Here’s hoping that works out and also that next year’s convention season is just as awesome!


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